Help Name this Book

Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be much more difficult than first imagined. Such is the case of simply naming this book!

One would think that after spending a few years writing the thing, it would be a simple matter to slap a name on the front and call it good. I sure thought so.

Apparently, that’s not how it’s done. There are so many things to consider and this simple process has gotten so much more muddy than could have possibly been imagined.

We’ve gone through more than 4 dozen variations on the title. More accurately, it’s the sub-title that remains up in the air. So, we’d love to get your opinion on the current choices under consideration.

Which of the following Title/ Subtitle partnerships speaks better to you?

The Dog Food Detective:

How to Choose the Best Dog Food
(Find the Right Food for Your Best Friend and Your Budget)


OR perhaps this approach

The Dog Food Detective:

How to Choose the Best Dog Food
(Turn Confusion to Clarity in 3 Simple Steps)


If you have other thoughts, feel free to send them along. Who knows, you may end up playing a direct role in the naming of the book.

Changes can be made right up until the time we go to press!

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