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HappyPackIf you’ve been following The Dog Food Detective updates since the beginning, it’s been a long wait. Last November, it seemed overly generous to have set an April 2014 release date.

When April came and went, we felt certain that the book would be published before the end of May. And as that deadline slipped into June, we find ourselves once again looking at adjusting the publication date.

Only this time it’s for real!

The final version of the book’s interior was approved this week after just a few rounds of corrections. Print production will begin once the cover design is finalized.

The cover design is completed— all that remains is a small adjustment to the spine of the book to reflect the final page count. But those final steps affect only the paperback version of the book.

The advance pdf and digital editions are now available for download

For those of you who took advantage of the pre-booking offer last month, you should have received an email with a download link. If you’ve not received your download link, please let me know and we’ll make sure you receive your files.

Both the Digital Snack Pack and Digital Full Meal Deal are now available for sale on the Dog Food Detective website. Once we have confirmation that the print edition has gone to press, print orders will be enabled through either the Dog Food Detective website or Amazon.

So when will the paperback finally be available?

Availability of the print version will be determined once both the interior and cover files are uploaded and accepted by the printer. We expect this to occur before the end of next week.

Regular and autographed print editions which were preordered or crowdfunded will be mailed as soon as they come off the press.

Thanks once again for your interest in The Dog Food Detective

We hope you enjoy the book and find it useful for many years to come. Please share the knowledge with your friends, or tell them about the book. Better yet, grab one for them as a gift!

And finally, if you work with an animal rescue or a vet whose clients could benefit from this book, please let us know. We’ll be placing complementary copies in local waiting rooms and would be happy to consider any groups you suggest.

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