The Final Proof

You’ve been patiently waiting for updates on The Dog Food Detective availability. We’ve been impatiently waiting for the arrival of the layout to proof for final corrections.

Good news— the proofing copy arrived on Wednesday! Since then we’ve been poring over each word and page to catch and address last minute corrections. The final correction list was submitted yesterday, so publication has inched one step closer.

What remains to be done?

Once these corrections are incorporated by the designer, we’ll review everything one last time. Then the finished and formatted manuscript goes off to the printer — the last step in publication. In the meantime, eBooks will be produced and made available once the printed version is ready.

For those of you who have generously backed the book’s crowdfunding project, your advance pdf copy will be available as soon as the formatted manuscript is sent to print.

If you’d like an advance pdf copy of your own it’s not too late— visit The Dog Food Detective’s campaign before it ends next Monday, June 9.

If all goes as planned…

Our printer promises a 72 hour turnaround once production files are submitted. Does this mean the book will be available within 2-3 weeks? Yes, if all goes as planned.

But as we’ve seen during this process, things rarely do go as planned. While we’re hoping for the best, it won’t be too much of a surprise if another last minute glitch arises to delay availability. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

Here’s hoping the next update you receive will be the official publication announcement!

Do you work with a rescue group or shelter that could use this book as a fundraising opportunity?
Have them consider backing the book at the Commissioner level or above for copies that can be personalized or sold.

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