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The Dog Food Detective “Appetizer”

This book began with a simple question. You’ve probably asked the question yourself: “What’s the best dog food?”

The question started coming at a time when I was blissfully selling dog toys, having made the choice not to sell food. I wanted to recommend only quality products that would stand up well to the test of time. Sure, I could share my opinion of what what my dog was happily eating at the time, but that wasn’t a good enough answer.

And so began a twenty year journey of education that continues to this day. That journey has uncovered some surprising and shocking facts. Now when the “best dog food” question gets asked, and it still does, the answer comes easily.

There is no such thing as the “best” dog food. But there is such a thing as the best dog food for you.

A simple question deserves a simple answer

Everyone has their own opinion about what makes the “best” dog food.  Personally, I’d love to see everyone feed a raw, home-prepared, freeze-dried or dehydrated diet. But that’s not realistic. There are cost concerns and the “ick” factor to contend with before that becomes a reasonable option for many.

So we’re really talking about kibble when this question arises. And since kibble it is the most popular way to feed our dogs these days, why not make the best choice? It’s certainly not for lack of options. On the contrary, it is often the result of too many options.

Your friends are not the only ones who have opinions about what to feed. Pet food manufacturers do a masterful job convincing us that their foods are the best. Pet stores have their favorite foods and pet food “experts” have their complicated evaluation methods. This blurs our vision when we need clarity.

“I just wanted you to know how very valuable  your pet food advice has been to me all these years. I do refer you to everyone that I know, or even meet when I have been out walking my bosses pug and the topic of pet food or pet diets comes up.” — Joani R., Seattle

There is a simple way to see dog food differently

In theory, we’re all after the same thing. We want the best for our dogs. We truly believe “you are what you eat” applies to our dogs as well as ourselves. Perhaps you’ve seen or heard about the dramatic difference that can result from improving a dog’s diet. You’re not alone.

Many years ago, I was shocked at the changes I saw after switching my dog to a better quality food. Shedding was dramatically reduced, a puppy- like glow returned to his coat, energy improved and his eyes became visibly brighter. This continued for more than 15 years— a decent lifespan for a large breed dog.

Hundreds of our clients over the years see similar results. This isn’t because everyone is blindly feeding the same food. It comes from feeding what works well for each individual’s situation. It’s the result of answering a few simple questions that have evolved over the years to form the basis of The Dog Food Detective System™.

“I especially like your willingness to order new products that I need. You have just about made shopping for my dogs a one-stop process. I no longer have to go to lots of stores to find the variety I like.” — Leslie S, Shoreline

Choosing a dog food does not have to be complicated

There are dozens of ways to approach your choice of dog food. Any book you pick up on the subject has its own approach. Many offer an introduction to nutrition or use scare tactics to reinforce their methods. Almost all point to the Ingredient List as the most important thing to consider.

All of these things have merit, but also add to the confusion. Looking at an Ingredients List in a vacuum is not as helpful as it can be when seen in context with surrounding facts. As fascinating as pet food nutrition may be, that’s not always top of mind when you just want a good bag of food. Yes, there’s value in all of this additional information, but it comes with the cost of complexity.

This complexity can keep you from making decisions for yourself. You’re once again left to rely on the opinions of others. But by adding a few basic principles to your understanding, a new perspective can emerge. You’ll begin to see pet food in a different way. This simplifies your choices by quickly identifying options that make more sense to your own situation. It removes much of the clutter and confusion.

“Craig has helped me work through food issues with my dog, and has been a help solving other pet problems. I’ve never had anything but a great response.” – Christian K, Seattle

It offers you a more personal approach

Now it may seem odd to think of choosing dog food on a personal level.  But when you think about it, isn’t that the real question you’re trying to answer when looking for the best dog food? You want the best dog food for your situation.

Your situation can change as circumstances change. A fixed income or job change may make budget more important than anything else. Food sensitivities may dictate what can, or cannot, be fed. Any number of personal preferences can come into play which should be considered in your best choice of food.

One guiding factor that remains the same regardless of circumstance is value. We all want the best value we can get. So how do we define value? Is it based only on quality?

Value in pet food comes from the proper balance of price and quality

Once you’ve determined what you’re willing to accept or reject in a food, you’ll discover the cost of your options. You’ll  have choices at both the low-end and high-end of pricing and quality. This is where value is considered.

Does a retailer always want you to buy the most expensive food? Probably, but that’s in their best interest, not yours. Why choose the more expensive food if you can get a similar result for less money?

Value is not based solely on the cost of a bag of food. It’s also based on your cost of feeding. Understanding this becomes second nature once you begin to see food differently. Your new perspective allows you to instantly make a value judgement when comparing two similar bags of food. And the best part? It’s drop dead simple.

As important as it is to feed a high quality dog food, it’s not practical if that food is unaffordable. Or unavailable. The key to choosing the best dog food for you is based on finding your acceptable level of value. It’s not a one size fits all.

For some, $40 for a bag of food may seem excessive. Others may not blink at $100. The best value is found within each price level you consider. And what you consider can now be determined by you, not others.

Ready to make your own choice?

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