The Team Has Been Assembled

The sixth and final draft of The Dog Food Detective is well underway. It is expected that this will be the draft that gets sent along for final editing. Lucky #7 will be the draft that hits the presses, once all editing corrections have been incorporated.

A cover designer has been retained and has begun her creative process. Once we have a cover mockup, it will be posted on the site. If the process becomes a story in itself, we’ll be happy to share the cover’s evolution.

We’ve received some preliminary sketches from our illustrator which has helped firm up final layout challenges. Things appear to be on track for pdf publication early next year, followed by eBook publication by Spring 2014.

With an editor, cover designer and illustrator all pitching in, what better time to head to the beach for a short vacation!

It’s an exciting time in the history of The Dog Food Detective. We’re glad you’ve chosen to be a part of it!

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