Introduction (excerpt)

The Scene of the Crime: 

Sizing Up the Situation


Why is it that Sherlock Holmes and the Pink Panther almost always manage to crack their cases? Despite using completely different methods, both enjoy great success. What do they have in common?

The answer lies in the system

Sherlock’s methodical, logical system can easily be adapted to most situations. Inspector Clouseau bumbles about, benefiting from coincidence and the common sense of others before arriving at his conclusions.

Despite different personalities, each follows a proven system to produce a consistent, successful result.

Whether questioning a witness or suspect, examining evidence, or drawing a conclusion, it is the system which helps lead to cracking a case.

Where do you turn for help?

It’s easy to be confused by the variety of choices found  in the pet food aisle. As nice as it would be to have Mr. Holmes choose the best food for our pets, it’s not really necessary. We can employ our own system.  There’s no need for outside help.

By following the simple steps of this system, you gain the confidence to trust yourself. No one will protect your interests better than you do. Not a store employee or a manufacturer’s rep. Not even a trusted friend.

You will always be your own best advocate. All that’s needed is some basic background, a bit of curiosity, and a simple way to connect the dots.

Those dots are the three simple steps of the Dog Food Detective System™.

What is the Dog Food Detective System?

The Dog Food Detective (DFD) System makes a seemingly complex jumble of competing pet foods understandable. It simplifies the process of pet food evaluation into three easy steps. No more pet food confusion!

The three steps of the DFD System include:

1. Sniff out the evidence by eliminating distractions

2. Identify and question the usual ingredient suspects

3. Use Informants to uncover the masters of disguise and reveal the true cost of a food

The system makes you a Dog Food Detective

A Dog Food Detective can glance at a bag of pet food and objectively assess its quality and value in less than a minute.

As a DFD, you’ll easily compare foods without the distractions of misleading packaging or marketing claims. You’ll understand why a less expensive bag of food may actually cost you more. Along the way, you’ll discover why some foods that present themselves as fresh and healthy are actually neither.

A DFD can see through deception and coded information. Mistaken identity of foods becomes a thing of the past. The skills you learn will serve you and your dog for a lifetime

Begin your journey to become a DFD

Imagine standing in the midst of that pet food aisle enjoying the colors, designs and variety in front of you. You’re no longer intimidated by the range of options. You know exactly how to narrow down your choices to those few foods that offer precisely what you’re after. Sherlock would be proud.

Come join us on a lighthearted look into becoming a Dog Food Detective. Begin on the next page and follow through to the end, or choose your own path through the book.

You’ll find Case File excerpts and Evidence Archives to support each step of the System. A few words from Captain K at the end of each chapter will help refresh your memory. Closing Arguments offer a final quick review of the system.

However you choose to travel through the material, a diploma awaits at the conclusion of your trip.

Let’s get started!


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