Table of Contents

The Dog Food Detective

How to Choose the Best Dog Food

(for your best friend… and your budget



Introduction: The Scene of the Crime

Step 1: Sniff Out the Evidence

  • The Initial Briefing
  • Follow the Money
  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Identify Special Needs
  • Review Your Results

Step 2: Consider the Culprits

  • Spot the Suspects
  • Interrogate the Ingredients
  • Expose the Scam of Splitting
  • Cross Examine Meat, Meal and By-Products

Step 3: Engage The Hidden Players

  • Employ the Informant
  • Review the Forensics of Guaranteed Analysis
  • Recognize the Tips, Tricks and Traps of Labels

Cracking the Case

  • Closing Arguments
  • Afterword: Render Your Verdict

Appendix 1: Dog Food Detective System™ exercises

Appendix 2:  References


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