Preface (excerpt)

“What’s the best dog food?”

This is one of the most common questions asked by new dog owners. It’s certainly one of the most common I’ve been asked in more than 20 years in the pet food business. So let’s get this answered up front.

There is no such thing as the best dog food.

But there is a simple way to choose the best food for your dog. And you can answer that question for yourself, rather than rely on the advice of others.

There’s no reason to let others choose your dog’s food

Even with all the conflicting opinions swirling about, it’s not difficult to cut through the confusion of choosing a dog food. It becomes much easier with a proven system that leads you through a simple process of elimination.

This system has benefited thousands of pet owners. It easily adapts to your needs and guides you towards the best dry food choices for your dog. Your choices reflect your preferences and may be quite different from mine.

Don’t be a pet food victim

The “mission” of this book is to help you recognize and overcome your confusion about pet food choices. Whether it’s conflicting advice, an overwhelming number of options, or lack of pet food knowledge, this guide can help.

In a few very short chapters, we’ll journey through the world of the Captain K. Nyne, our infamous Dog Food Detective. We’ll share some stories along the way, and identify a cast of characters to acknowledge and avoid.

By the end of this enlightening adventure, you will have the knowledge and confidence to see pet food differently. This journey will empower you to make informed choices. You’ll have developed a system of verification.

Turn the page to learn how.


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