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The Team Has Been Assembled

The sixth and final draft of The Dog Food Detective is well underway. It is expected that this will be the draft that gets sent along for final editing. Lucky #7 will be the draft that hits the presses, once

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Introduction (excerpt)

The Scene of the Crime:  Sizing Up the Situation   Why is it that Sherlock Holmes and the Pink Panther almost always manage to crack their cases? Despite using completely different methods, both enjoy great success. What do they have

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Table of Contents

The Dog Food Detective How to Choose the Best Dog Food (for your best friend… and your budget   Preface Introduction: The Scene of the Crime Step 1: Sniff Out the Evidence The Initial Briefing Follow the Money Eliminate Distractions

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Preface (excerpt)

“What’s the best dog food?” This is one of the most common questions asked by new dog owners. It’s certainly one of the most common I’ve been asked in more than 20 years in the pet food business. So let’s

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The Birth of The Dog Food Detective

It all began with a small, 12 page booklet in 1994. If you have one, hang on to it. It’s a collector’s item. That small pamphlet, Choosing Your Best Friend’s Food, was an attempt to share vital information with per

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I have a cat. Can I still be a Pet Food Detective? Absolutely! Practically all of the information in this book applies to our feline friends as well. The system is easier to demonstrate with dogs, since quantities and measurements

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