An Editing Milestone

Sometime way back in the Winter of 2013, it struck me that April 1 would be an appropriate launch date for the book. It was almost completely written, just needed a few last minute touches and away we went. April seemed far enough in the distance to be a safe bet.

Not quite.

Since then, the book has benefited tremendously from the editing process. It’s been a slow but steady progression from start to finish. I’m happy to report we’ve finally made it to the end and have started back at the beginning.

Why back to the beginning?

While the full manuscript has now been edited, we’re still got the “Front Matter” to review. This includes the Preface and Introduction, Table of Contents and all those things some of us often skip over. Once the Front Matter is edited, it’s a quick jump to the Back Matter where the Appendix resides.

But we’re not quite done yet. With the Front and Back Matter pages behind us, it’s once again back to the beginning for a full “technical” review to catch grammar, typos and other elusive errors. Then finally, on to layout design. And more proofing.

And finally, later this Spring, publication!

Our friends who requested updates have been informed about this progress. They also know a pre-publication discount and offer will be arriving within the next few weeks.

If you’d like to receive this offer, simply enter your name and email address over on the side. No sharing, no Spam, just occasional messages about the book.

In case you’ve wondered, the Sales Page is coming soon. You’ll find it on this website before it appears on Amazon.

Thanks for your interest!

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