Off to Layout!

Last week, the completed manuscript of The Dog Food Detective got sent to our layout designer.

That means two things:

1. Once we receive and approve a sample chapter* the book is one step closer to completion. 

2. Your 77 hour prebooking opportunity begins… now!

For the next 77 hours, use this link to pre-book your order and save 15%. Your 15% discount will be reflected on the checkout page.

You’ll have your choice of digital or print editions, with or without bonuses.

At high noon on Friday, May 16, the prebooking discount will disappear.

What is PreBooking?

By prebooking your order, you are “reserving” your spot in line for the first editions of the book. Your card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.

Prebooking prices will not be offered again, and is your best opportunity to grab an early copy at the best price.

Feel like sharing?

If you’re considering the purchase of more than  single copy, you may want to compare this offer with the perks being offered on our Indiegogo campaign.

With a friend or three who could benefit from the book, you may find even more happiness there!

Whether you choose to support the fundraising campaign or not, please consider sharing it with your friends on Facebook and in the “real world” as well.

Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated!

* The sample chapter will show how the book will appear in its finished form. Typefaces, margins, headers, page numbers, illustrations and all sorts of design decisions will be reflected in the sample.

When that sample chapter will arrive?

Any. Time. Now.

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